Frequently Asked Questions

  • - How much is KidZone entry and how long do I get?
    Kidzone entry is for 1 1/2 hours and is €6.50 for children under 4 years and €8.50 for children between 4 and 12 years.

    - Are there any special requirements?
    Children need to wear socks for hygiene reasons. If you don't have any we have them available for purchase from 50 cents per pair

    - I only have a small number of children for a birthday party – can I just go and play and bring a cake?
    We are very sorry but you cannot bring a cake unless you have a birthday party booked with us.
    We can cater for birthday parties for as little as 6 children as a bowling party (1 hours bowling with choice of our Set Menu or Pizza & Chips)

    - Is it OK for me to play in the frame with my child?
    Definitely - our 0-2 area and our 2-4 area is always open for parents / minders to play with the children. Unfortunately we cannot allow adults (Unless in special circumstances) to accompany their children into the 5-12 year old frame. This is for the protection of the children and we are sure most parents will understand this.

    - What other facilities are available in KidZone?
    We have a coffee area open at all times which serves Teas, Coffees, Snacks, Sandwiches and Hot Food. We do ask that parents/customers do not bring their own food into KidZone as we are a cafe and it is not appropriate to do so.

    - Bowling - What age is it suitable for?
    Bowling is a game that is suitable for all ages from small children as young as 4 to older grandparents etc. The bowling balls start from 6 lbs and go up to 16 lbs. We have ramps available at all lanes and the bumper rails can be raised or lowered for individual players.

    - Are there areas for small children?
    Yes KidZone is divided into 3 different play areas. We have a low framed area especially for the under 2’s. Then behind this we have a small frame for the 2-4 year olds. Our Main Frame is designed for children from age 5 upwards to 12 years.